2023 Membership

January is here, we're all raring to go!!!.  Dust off your jods, give your pony a pep talk  and join us for a year of fun, laughter, tuition, friendship and cake!  Join up via My Riding Life - Louise our lovely membership secretary will deal with your application and is very helpful, just ask if you need any help.  PS.  You can join at any time of the year so don’t be fooled into thinking you have to wait until next January x 

Lots of fun planned for 2023

Upcoming Events......


Membership and Training Sessions can be booked via My Riding Life                                                                                                                                               

EVERY TUESDAY EVENING AT 4pm, 5pm and 6pm (Currently new members at 4pm, young horses at 5pm and more established partnerships at 6pm)


and  SUNDAYS - with Peter Morris at Kentisbeare House


There will also be some afternoon sessions on a Monday during the winter at least to escape those horrible dark evenings.  See My Riding Life website to see when sessions are available or keep an eye on the Kentisbeare Riding Club Facebook page. 


ONLY £20 per session - book online following the link below

We can tailor sessions to suit - please get in touch to let us know your preferences for flatwork or jumping, experienced partnerships or green ones.  Please do also let us know if you  have any requests for training on a different day where we may be able to get a group together.  We really need to have 4 in a session to make it work but we will always do our best to accomodate. 


Training Session Guidelines 

 The Riding Club Committee really want you to enjoy and get the most out of your training session but in the most safe and stress-free way. We respectfully ask all attendees to abide by the following guidelines in their session: - 

  • There may be several vehicles/horseboxes in the parking area. Please be mindful of horses, pedestrians and other parked vehicles when driving and manoeuvring. Please also ensure the gate is closed and where necessary locked.
  • All riders to wear appropriate footwear. Body protectors (where worn) and hats should be to current standards. It is your responsibility to check. If you plan to wear an air jacket whilst mounted, please advise us (session organiser or instructor) in advance, so that riders of nervous or young horses may be made aware, (deployment may startle horses).
  • Junior members (under 18) must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  • Non-riders must remain outside the arena unless invited in by the instructor. Please advise us in advance (session organiser or instructor) if you or your horse have any issues that may be a risk to yourself or other combinations i.e nervous, kicks etc.
  • Please listen out for and abide by any requests or guidance from your instructor.
  • Be space-aware. Plan where you go to ensure you have enough space yourself and that you are allowing plenty of space for others. Nervous or young horses/riders may need to be given more space than more established combinations.
  • Where possible please pass left shoulder to left shoulder when moving around the arena. In flatwork sessions, please be aware and take necessary action to ensure you avoid any ‘stacked’ jump equipment
  • When attending a jumping session, only one horse to jump at a time unless otherwise instructed.
  • It is the rider/groom/helper’s responsibility to take on board the relevant COVID 19 guidance at the current time. The club is not able to provide soap, face masks, washing facilities or hand sanitiser.' Not all club riding venues have toilet facilities on site
  • In the event of Fire/Emergency please listen for guidance from your instructor. They are First Aid trained
  • Please ensure all droppings are removed before leaving the premises In the event of emergency (Note mobile phone signal may be intermittent. Please see instructor for guidance to the nearest landline):-
  • Nearest GP - Cullompton
  • Nearest Hospital - RD&E, Exeter
  • Nearest Minor Injuries Unit – Tiverton
  • Nearest Defibrillator – Kentisbeare Village Hall (Access code on the cabinet)