Formation Riding Competition

30th March 2024 at the Grange Equestrian Centre

It’s fair to say everyone had a great time at this Formation Riding competition.  Huge congratulations to the KRC Formation Riding team who today earned a very respectable 3rd place at the All Steps competition at The Grange. It was a big ask for some of the young horses at their first ever competition and some of our riders had never competed either, yet they all did a fantastic job in a very complicated test, with rain beating an additional rhythm on the arena roof alongside our music. Huge thanks to Sally Spaarkogel for training and the inspiring music, Joanna Richards for supporting despite the disappointment of Dolly being out of action, and to the fantastic team of Jo Treweek, Sarah James, Catherine McArt, Lois Paul and Susan Clegg and their ponies 

We had a real mix of horses in our team yesterday including two babies at their first ever pony party!  A good time had by all!


KRC Member ALISON STEWART Qualifies for Badminton Grassroots BE100

Alison and her very beautiful horse RICO III qualified September 23 at Chillington Hall Regional Finals for the Voltaire Design Grassroots Championships at Badminton Horse Trials in May.  The competition will be held over both the 7th and 8th May 2024 at the very prestigious horse trials with Alison competing in the BE100 class.  This will be an amazing experience for them both and we will all be very excited to hear how it goes with I am sure a contingent of riding club supporters going along to cheer her on.  

KRC Formation Riding Team - WINNERS 16/12/23

KRC WON the All Steps All-Steps Formation Riding inaugural riding club competition at Bicton College.   Huge congratulations to Jo Treweek, Victoria Fielding, Shelley Cornwall-Tilley, Bethan Parsley, Louise Gilbey and Kate Buckley  and our wonderful horses for a magical performance and also to Lyn Jenkins for coordinating from the ground, not to mention loyal supporters and friends who helped make it such a great day out. The prize was to perform in the evening gala and we thoroughly enjoyed the chance to strut our stuff again

Kentisbeare RC Xmas Meal at the Merry Harriers

A great annual get together to celebrate the years events and a chance for a catch up without horses involved!



SEVEN of us ventured to Kings Sedgemoor for the BRC Area 12 Winter Dressage Qualifier and what a fabulous day we had!.   Thankfully, the sun sort of shone, the rain held off and KSEC clearly hadn’t floated away.  All of our times were spread across the day which always is difficult as you feel you might miss your team members compete. Not the case today, it was like a really lovely social gathering, eating cake and catching up with a bit of dressage thrown in.  Once upon a time, I wrote about another gathering where all our horses competing sounded like an outing from a primary school class.  Today, we had Hugo, Rico and Star, clearly all from a very upmarket school in the home counties and then we had Vinnie, Jack, Murphy and Big Don - all probably running a protection racket in the East End of London 😂.  Anyway……….as I said, great day, great results.  KRC showing them all that we are very worthy competitors.   From a team point of view, KRC Blue team came 5th out of a strong field of 14 teams - Naomi Grace, Joey Hayes and Fiona Bishop and KRC Green Team came 4th - Susan Clegg, Alison Stewart, Jo Thomas and Nicole Claire.  Some fab individual scores with a placing no lower than 8th with 5 placings all within the top 3 👏. As ever, great to see  support from  Steve, Shaun and Jo Thomas’s mum and friend Jo and of course Sue Edwards - forever there to give advice from the sidelines.   Thank you all - long may the KRC happy teamwork continue. 😊

Hartpury SWWRC August 2023

Team Dressage

On the 19th August we had a team representing the club at the SWWRC Dressage Championships at Hartpury.   Nicole Claire with Hugo, Louise Gilbey with Dan and Susan Clegg with Star.  Three really solid performances with Lou up first in the morning shortly followed by Sue and then Nicole in the afternoon.  All three really did the club proud.   The weather was super bizarre - it was blowing a gale one minute, hot and sunny the next, then the rain came in, the wind dropped and we had Summer back again 🤷‍♀️.    Hartpury has a lot to look at for horses, there are 3 dressage arenas all in a row with lots of banners all the way around and a big marquee tent down one side which with the windy weather could have been a problem.  BUT,  no problem from that point of view for our lot.  No naughty ponies, they looked a picture, beautifully turned out, every test looked fluid and composed and it was lovely to see them take it in their stride ‘so to speak’ and overall enjoy being part of the KRC team.  There might not have been a team win BUT from the perspective of how inclusive, supportive, committed and fun our club is, KRC is definitely a winner.  As a bonus Nicole came 4th individually in her section, another frilly for the beautiful Hugo who has definitely decided he likes the old dressage malarkey.  A few pictures of the team and support crew including as ever our dedicated trainer Sue Edwards who everyone is very thankful for.  👏.

Summer Dressage Qualifier

Chard Equestrian

Three teams entered, all riding different tests, all the tests at different times, thunder, lightening - it literally was raining cats and dogs at times but in true KRC, we all got on with it and had a team qualify to enter the SWWRC area final at Hartpury in August 👏



Chard 2023 Summer Dressage Qualifier




The club hosted our first Working Equitation Clinic at Kentisbeare House on the 21st May.  Two riders per hour slot, it was a really fun activity to get involved with and suitable for any horse or rider.  It’s a test of the horses temperament and training, the riders skill and ability and of course the relationship between horse and rider combining dressage and obstacles.  There are three phases, Dressage, Ease of Handling, Speed and at International level, Cattle Penning!.    We obviously tackled a basic course at walk, it was great fun and we will be holding further sessions, the next being Saturday 3rd June.  This will hopefully become a regular fixture for the club and if you are looking for a fun, low key, friendly activity, this is definitely for you. 

Chard Equestrian AREA 12 Combined Training 26th March 2023

First team outing of 2023 and a great day at Chard.  Competing in the Senior 75cm / Prelim class, a team of three made up of Naomi Ireson, Joey Hayes and Jo Thomas put in a very respectable performance with Jo actually winning her section on the lovely Murphy.  A great team debut for Jo who was delighted and we are hoping will now become a regular on our teams.  The big grey Donald ridden by Naomi performed superbly and a very smart Rocky who was having his first outing as a youngster put in a sterling performance with Joey  so all in all, a successful day for everyone and hopefully the start of a year of great team successes. 



Our representatives had a lovely day at the Arena Eventing, a fun Day where a round of showjumps is followed straight away by a course of XC fences with the final fence being what they call a ‘Joker’ which is an upright show jumping fence of planks, slightly higher and after whizzing around the XC, usually catches someone out.  However, on this occasion, our very own Joey Hayes made it look easy.  All the girls were supported by our very wonderful team trainer Peter Morris who gave up his time to support and  guide them through the day.  

SWWRC Dressage Championships Hartpury 20th August 2022

TWO teams from the club qualified to attend!!

An exciting Jolly to Hartpury for the champs having had two teams from the club qualify to attend. Teams consisting of Jo Treweek, Naomi Ireson, Joey Hayes, Alison Stewart, Nicole Windley, Sue Clegg, Leigh-ann Buse and Fiona Bishop.  Lou Gilbey had been instrumental in helping us qualify but unfortunately couldn’t attend so Alison stepped in to keep the teams to 4.  The best 3 scores count in each team with each rider performing Prelim 13.  We had some great individual results with Alison 3rd, Joey 5th, Naomi 7th, Sue 8th and Leigh-ann 9th.    Overall we had a team finish in 6th and the other in 12th - very respectable considering there were 19 teams attending.  There was the usual KRC nosh session which we had on the Friday night with some of us travelling up then to be ready for Saturday.  Thrills and spills along the way with Fiona’s lorry having a blow out on the M5 with both Jack and Skippy on board - arriving 4 hours late but in time to get the picnic table set up for the food which we all had contributed to - a few drinkies and lots of chatter. 

Area 12 Dressage Qualifier - Chard Equestrian

Such a little club but with a massive heart - 2 teams entered which is no mean feat.  

Great day out in June with a good bunch of people, all performing to their best ability on the day in high temperatures but thankfully a cooling breeze.  Boith teams qualified for the Regional finals to be held at Hartpury in August.  A photo of Jack here (Paris Lad) who sported the KRC quartermark with some sharks teeth beautifully applied by Joey Hayes. 

Dressage Qualifier photos from Chard -June 22

BRC Area 12 Arena Eventing at Bicton Arena - 14th Nov

Above is Nicole Windley riding Hugo.  This is a new partnership who seem to be going from strength to strength and enjoying getting out an about.  Bring on 2022!

We all had a super day - no rosettes but we all enjoyed the supportive atmosphere that is always in abundance with our club.  We had supporters, we had parents of supporters, we had fun, prosecco, cake and glorious sunshine.

Joey Hayes on Donald owned by our lovely club secretary Naomi.  Donald is only a baby but proving to be a very talented youngster and enjoying his work. 

Fiona Bishop on the ever patient Jack.  Jack is now 17 years old but always comes up trumps when needed.  He loves his jumping and is such a sweetie to take anywhere - he's now an old hand at it!


 Pikeur Amateur Rider of the Year 2021.
 These Horse & Hound Awards 2021,  are back for the sixth year to celebrate the stars of equestrianism, in partnership with NAF. The Pikeur Amateur Rider of the Year 2021 Promotion acknowledges the rider who does not make their living from riding, training or competing horses, yet dedicates themselves to their passion. We are delighted that this year, our very own club member and committee member ALISON STEWART has been nominated.  We wait with baited breath to learn the results of the vote which closed Thursday on 4th November. 

Unfortunately, Alison didn't win but had a fab time at Cheltenham at the Awards Gala Dinner and looked lovely alongside her partner Shaun!.  She is a winner in our eyes!!

Alison is an HGV lorry driver delivering health-related equipment and pharmaceuticals, so has had a “pretty flat-out” 18 months starting work very early in the morning when most of us are still sending out the ZZZZZZs!  She won her eventing section at the British Riding Clubs national championships this year on her 16-year-old gelding Rico III, who would have been put down owing to his behavioural issues had she not bought him seven years ago. “He was rather fragile and nervous,” she said. “I went to see him, and thought, ‘I’m taking you home.’ He did lots of hacking and eating grass and thanks to the most amazing instructor, Sue Edwards, we started eventing. He’s an absolute joy. “I love my riding club [Kentisbeare], and the amazing people, and Sue’s very much about the relationship with your horse and making the most of it; she’s made us what we are.” Alison gets up at 4am, finishes work at lunchtime and then cares for her mother, fitting in riding when she can. Her proudest moments have been the riding club championships win and jumping clear with Rico at her first BE100. “It breaks one’s heart when you think he’d had about seven homes by the time he was nine,” she said. “It makes me think I did something good.”

BRC NATIONAL Horse Trials CHAMPIONSHIP Swalcliffe Park, Banbury, Oxfordshire 7th August 21

Oh My Goodness - what an achievement just qualifying for this!!!!.  Qualifying teams from all over the country attended, praying for good weather and perfect ground conditions and that’s what we got!.  The team of Joey Hayes (Gary), Alison Stewart (Rico), Katie House (Mary) and Fiona Bishop (Jack) all travelled up the day before and got settled ready for the Saturday event.  This was a full up 90 track with plenty of technical questions making it a true championship course.  A total of 17 fences with 25 jumping elements in the Cross-Country, a testing up hill and down dale track - it certainly wasn’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea!.  The day was started with dressage on grass which presented it’s own problems, Jack for one, realising that he was back eventing, deciding to try and impress the judge with a few bucks got a terrible score but redeemed himself with a clear XCountry and SJ.  Everyone else managed to hold it together for their dressage getting great scores and Joey getting a lovely comment from the judge at the bottom of her sheet that she ‘loved the quartermark’ (see picture below)!.   Unfortunately, no team placings but the amazing Alison Stewart and Rico WON their section and came an overall 3rd in the whole competition.  Also winning ’Best Veteran’ (for Rico, not her!!) 😂.  Sue Edwards - team trainer proved her total dedication to this club by attending to show support and guidance along with her daughter Nicole Windley who really should have been there on the team but for her lovely horse Rosie sustaining an injury.   Sue’s help has been immeasurable - knowledgable,  sensible, caring, encouraging, patient and really bringing out the best in her team.  We are so lucky to have Sue on our side and with the recent successes we have, it clearly shows.

Area Show Jumping Qualifier KSEC 31st July 21

Two Teams jumping an 80 and a 90 track.  Complicated by the fact the first round in each section was outside on grass and the second round on the surface with the second part of the second round timed.  Amazing day, great fun, the 80 team qualified for Hartpury with an overall 2nd place and the 90 team actually WON!.  

Area Dressage Qualifier Kings Sedgemoor Equestrian Centre

What an exciting day we had at KSEC on the 24th July 21.  A team of Naomi Grace, Joey Hayes, Louise Gilbey and Fiona Bishop attended as a team and conquered! Amazing results, a team WIN against a strong field and qualification for the BRC National Dressage Championships at Lincolnshire Showground at the beginning of September. 🏆

BRC Area 12 Horse Trials At Pontispool


 The 5th June saw glorious weather at Pontispool for the area horse trials plus a fantastic performance from our team of 4 in the 90cm section.  Joey Hayes, Alison Stewart, Katie House and Nicole Windley all rode their socks off to win overall and qualify for the National Finals in August.  As ever, the team was accompanied by club members and family helpers to make a truly glorious fun day where as now seems to be the norm, plenty of cake and Prosecco were consumed!

Club Member Alison Stewart Wins BE90 at Bicton

Our very own club and committee member Alison Stewart had a fabulous win in the BE90 at the April Bicton British Eventing meeting on her very beautiful horse Rico III.  Alison led from the front performing a super dressage followed by clear Showjumping and Cross Country.  This  is Rico’s third win in a row, following on from a great few runs in 2020 which saw Alison Qualify for the Badminton Grassroots championship this year.  Unfortunately, with the Covid pandemic and cancellation of many events, this will not be going ahead at Badminton so clocking up another win here locally at Bicton probably made up for it a teeny bit!

Well Done Alison and Rico 

Kentisbeare Win E-Riders Riding Clubs League 2020

For the second season running, KRC win the E-Riders Dressage Summer League, following on from their previous win in the winter league.  Pictured left is the amazing sash and rosettes won by members who submitted a monthly dressage test online.

Further to this, our very own member Nicole Windley has created a fantastic 'online dressage' website herself which we all wish to support.  It's all very simple, join and enter online, perform a test at home and send in your video.  Easy, enjoyable, no pressure - check out her fab website with numerous test options.

Bottom left - Members get the chance to try on Dry-Rider skirts made by our very own member Xanthe Smith who produces these amazing waterproof skirts for riding and walking. A must for every tackroom!

Joey Hayes and Seamus pictured in the middle qualifying at Bicton Arena for the National Arena Eventing Championships to be held in March 2021 at Aston le Walls, Northamptonshire. 

Bottom right - Six club members took part on a training day hosted by Medi-K Training to gain a certificate in Emergency First Aid. 


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