British Dressage Team Quest

Fancy having a go?

Being part of a KRC team has become almost legendary in the Club as being an enormously fun thing to do, no matter what your level, your confidence, or your experience.  Specific training sessions will be arranged for team members, so you can get to know your team-mates and will feel prepared for the competition.  On the day, whether first or last, whether you nail it or whether you crash and burn, you will come away having had huge support and encouragement, followed by cake-fuelled post-event celebration in the lorry park when everybody is done…surely that alone is worth being on a team for!

We are looking at putting together a team (or two, or three?), and the basics of how it works are as follows:


Tests can be ridden at Intro, Prelim and Novice, and any combination of tests can make up a team, ie all Intros, all Prelims, all Novice, or a mixture of different tests but you and your horse must be eligible for the level you ride at as per BD rules. All tests are BD short arena tests.

Team members

Each team can have 3 or 4 members, with the best 3 scores counting. We can have a pool of up to 7 people per team so you won’t have to compete every time if the dates don’t work out.

  • A horse can be shared, so two riders on the same team can ride the same horse, doing either the same or different level tests.
  • A team member can ride the same horse on two different teams if riding at different levels, ie be on one team at Intro, another at Prelim.
  • A team member can be on two different teams at the same level if on different horses.

Test commanders and whips are allowed, including at regionals and finals.

Team members can be changed during the season, so if you start off in a team but can’t keep the commitment, you can be substituted by a different combination.

What is the dress code?

  • Jackets are not compulsory, team colours are permitted, breeches and saddlecloths can be any colour. We can have our OWN FANCY KIT!!
  • Horses don’t have to be plaited

What will it cost?

  • BD Club membership is required by the rider which is £35
  • BD Club registration is required for the horse which is £10
  • BD membership of some sort is also required by the owner of the horse, if not the rider
  • (Club membership and club horse registration also enables you to compete at Prelim Bronze, music classis, Quest, Combined Training plus qualify for the Associated Championships and Petplan Area Festivals at Prelim Bronze).

-      Each competition entry is £15 per rider.

When is it?

  • The Team Quest season runs from 29th March to 31st August
  • Team Quest competitions are held throughout the South West, the closest in our area being Bicton, Chard, The Grange and Kings Sedgemoor
  • The Regional finals are held in September/October (venues to be arranged)
  • The National finals will be held 28th – 31st October at Bury Farm, Buckinghamshire

How does it work?

  • To qualify, points are allocated according to the Team’s placing at each competition, and are allocated to a regional leader board
  • At the end of the season, the top 25 teams go to the Regional final, and the top 4 teams at the Regional go on to the Final.

Where and when are the competitions?

The Quest competitions planned for the next couple of months are as follows:

3rd April Bicton College

10th April Chard

18th April The Grange

22nd April Kings Sedgemoor

1st May Chard

2nd May The Grange

13th May Chard

15th May Bicton College

27th May Kings Sedgemoor

29th May Chard


We would liaise regarding what dates are suitable for everyone, and which dates to enter. 

We would love lots of members to be involved, so if you would like to be on a team please go to our contact page and send us a message.  Alison Stewart will be co-ordinating Team Quest and will get back to you to have a chat.   Remember, it does not matter how good, bad or indifferent you feel you are, whether seasoned competitor or nervous newcomer, come and join us, it will be fun!

There is a British Dressage Quest Club facebook page to keep up with Quest news.

Any questions, please do ask!